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A reverse mortgage provides the cash you need to make a major purchase, pay credit cards, pay for living expenses, help your kids buy a house or travel.

The choices are yours. You have worked hard for your equity.

With a reverse mortgage you can use your equity and still stay in your home.

For a home owner that is nearing retirement, there are choices. You can stay in your home and enjoy it along with all of the friends in the neighburhood. Or you could sell your home, go through all the hassle of downsizing and move to a new neighbourhood into a smaller, less expensive home. Or you could sell your home and move into a rental home and have access to the equity now in your home. With a reverse mortgage you get the best of all of the choices: 

1. You stay in your home and through a mortgage, you take out up to 55% of the equity in your home. You make no payments until you either decide to sell the house or decide to move.

2. The annual cost of the mortgage (interest rate) is about the same as the amount of annual rent you would need to pay in cash for "acceptable" housing.

3. In many locations in BC you can defer property taxes so you do not need to pay them either.

4. You can use the cash from the mortgage any way you want. Excess cash can be invested and the revenue is additional cash or increased equity for use later.

5. So, with a reverse mortgages you stay in your home, have cash and continue to benefit from price increases in the value of your home.

The process is simple and the lender is a Canadian Chartered Bank.


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