Out and About Lasqueti Island

Lasqueti Island, a rural destination in the northern Gulf Islands, is home to a number of lakes, bays, and beaches. The island maintains a rugged mystique and eco-friendly heritage. Lasqueti residents still use solar power, windmills, and water-driven turbines for their electricity. A drive up the island is quiet and stress-free – the roads are still unpaved. 


Every Island has a story …

This 5-kilometre by 21-kilometre island has a history similar to many of its island neighbours. However, this is not to say that its history is any less interesting. The island was named in 1791 after Juan Maria Lasqueti, a prominent Spanish naval officer. Some marine fossils found on Lasqueti have been traced to 100 million years ago. More recently, First Nations, Spanish explorers, and white settlers inhabited the island to explore, farm, ranch, and log. Lasqueti Island once had great stands of red cedar, however, much of these were logged prior to 1950.Tucker Bay was the location of the first post office, steamship service, school, and store – all developed after 1912. False Bay became the site for the first salmon cannery in 1916, and the population followed. False Bay would become Lasqueti’s main centre, receiving the same services that Tucker Bay had earlier on.

Who lives on Lasqueti?

Lasqueti’s earth-friendly resident’s number 350. They live in relative isolation on this 68 square kilometres Gulf Island and enjoy the peace and tranquility that visitors remark on. Lasqueti has a small school for grades one to eight. Residents make their livings through small farming ventures (though farmland is quite poor on the island), fishing, and clam and oyster farming. 

Where is it and how do I get there?

Lasqueti Island is located in the middle of the Gulf of Georgia, quite isolated from its neighbours. A passenger-only ferry (no cars) leaves from French Creek on Vancouver Island, midway between Parksville and Qualicum Beach, arriving on Lasqueti in 50 minutes. Summer sailings occur three times a day, but only a couple of times a week in the winter. For information on ferry schedules visit: Western Pacific Marine

When should I go?

The temperate climate (the mildest in all of Canada) makes the Gulf Islands the perfect destination almost any time of the year. Enjoy spring as early as February; warm, sunny, and dry summers; the vibrancy of fall; and, frost-free winters perfect for hiking, cycling, or kayaking. You really can’t go wrong no matter when you plan to visit! A tip for packing: bring layers. You may need clothing for all types of weather during your visit – warmth, wind, and water! Nights are always a little chilly – especially if you are walking by the water, bring a light jacket even in the summer. 

What should I do when I get there?

Be prepared to explore Lasqueti on foot, by taxi, or by bicycle, as there is no car ferry to the island. Lasqueti has much to offer in terms of natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, but little for services and shopping. There are only a couple of options for accommodation so call in advance. 

What are some of the Island’s unique features?

Paddling Paradise ...

Lasqueti is known as a haven for those who enjoy the water by boat. You can paddle your way through the amazing coves, reefs, islets, and islands that surround this remote location.

Peace and Quiet ...

There is no hydroelectric power on the island and even the generators are turned off in the evening. Enjoy your peaceful night by the light of a candle or kerosene lamp – now that’s relaxing!

Explore the Parks & Beaches ...

The only parkland is at Squitty Bay Marine Park at the southeastern end of the island. Discover Scottie and Spring Bay, the eagles’ nests and caves, the clam beaches and shipyard, and lakes and mountains. Where should I stay? 

No matter what your budget will allow there are a number of  accommodation options available to you!


Where should I stay? 

No matter what your budget will allow there are a number of  accommodation options available to you! Gulf Island Accommodations


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