Victoria BC Vacation Rentals by Owners

Are you looking for Best Vacation Rentals by Owners that Victoria BC has to offer? Or a modestly priced place to stay? Then look no further! Here you will find a variety of popular Vacation Rentals that range from historic city homes to pastoral farmhouses, ocean vistas, from modern urban to country quiet settings. Now you can experience the warmth, hospitality, and charm of the best Vacation Rentals. We've made it easy to book your stay!


Other Victoria BC Vacation Rental Choices

Hilltop Manor .. 250 686-4800

Menzies Manor .. 250 384-0803

Heathergate House Vacation Rental .. 250 383-0068

Rock Heights Victoria Vacation Rental .. 250 370-7742

Victoria Garden Estate .. 250 656-0504

Victoria Lakefront Vacation Rental Homes .. 250 478-064

Miraloma on the Cove .. 250 656-6622



Millstream Creek Vacation Rental Home .. 877-232-2490


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