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Weddings in Victoria BC are truly a magical affair. The large variety of beautiful sites and venues will make for that special moment. You will find fabulous locations, great accommodations and tasteful restaurants that will host your special day. This site offers information on how to obtain a marriage license in British Columbia and easy-to-navigate links to marriage services and resources. We've made it easy to book your stay ..

How to obtain a marriage license in British Columbia

Officiates: Marriages are performed in British Columbia by Religious Representatives (Clergy) or Marriage Commissioners licensed by the Vital Statistics Agency. The Division also appoints Marriage Commissioners who are authorized to perform (13 commissioners listed) List of Marriage Commissioners in Greater Victoria or Search For Marriage Licence Issuers' Offices

At the request of the issuer, you may be asked to produce the following documents pertaining to yourself and/or your future spouse: a birth certificate, Driver License or passport, and if previously married, the original or a notarised copy of the divorce certificate or annulment certificate you will need to know the full names (maiden name) and birthplaces of parents.

For information you will need regarding marriage certificates, marriage commissioners, and marriage laws of British Columbia: How to get married in British Columbia

A party to a marriage, or a person with written authorization by the couple, can order a marriage certificate. You can make application for a marriage certificate: How to order a marriage certificate

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