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Dock A Inner Harbour, Victoria BC, V8W 3Z1

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GPS Coordinates: 48.421766,-123.3691

Smell the gentle ocean breeze as it lures you away from the dock through Victoria’s bustling inner harbour and out into the beautiful Strait of Juan de Fuca aboard Tall Ship Thane.

All guests young and old are encouraged to participate in sailing; so tug on the sheets that haul the sails. As we begin silently swooshing through the ocean, become mesmerized by the magnificent snow-capped Olympic Mountains and the majesty of the City of Victoria.

Relax and savor your picnic or a sip of wine as we keep our eyes peeled for some of BC’s world famous killer whales, or sea lions and bald eagles.

Swap tales with other guests and try to stump the crew with questions, we’re rich with history. And if we don’t really know the answer, be prepared for a wee tale! Then call our bluff; if you dare!

Tall Ship Thane Dock "A" across from the Empress Hotel (Box 8842) 


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Booked an afternoon trip as a surprise for my husband's 85th birthday. We had a wonderful 3 hours. Motorred out of Victoria harbour, then up with the sails and away we went. Lots of boats were taking a look at this lovely wooden classic boat and possibly the float planes too as some passed overhead. A gentle wind took us past the Fisgard lighthouse and soon after we turned around and headed right up to Trail Point, with the Lt. Governor's house in clear view. Some of us had a picnic and some wine that we had brought with us. It was chilly in the Straits but the owner Rob was quite prepared with warm clothing and blankets if needed. On the way back the whale watching boats were all bobbing around nearby and we were told we might be lucky and see some whales. And we did! Not something they always see so we were very lucky. A fitting end to an excellent trip with Rob and his very competent Cap'n Peter. Both were very knowledgeable, good fun, and looked after us very well. A must do!

Submitted by allisman1291 from Sidney, Canada on June 25th, 2016

It was an absolutely beautiful morning on the water! So lovely and peaceful with no loud motors and then the wind filled the sails and we had an amazing ride. There were even some harbor porpoise and interesting jellyfish. I especially like the fried egg jelly. Rob and Pete are genuine, extremely knowledgeable and really encouraged us to be part of the tall ship experience. It’s always a bonus when you get to have fun and learn at the same time. I very highly recommend this experience when you are in Victoria.

Submitted by indigoflux2 from Cambridge, Canada on June 25th, 2016

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